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Floating at the Tank and the Bangas Detroit Concert

What’s up, everyone! Hope your weekend has been relaxing. I’m hopping on the blog on a Sunday to share with you my photographs from the Tank and the Bangas concert.

Last Thursday (June 13th), Travis and I attended the concert at The Majestic in Detroit and we had a great time. Tank and the Bangas killed it last week! I wasn’t expecting the show to be as hype as it was. I thought it was going to be more chill so I was pleasantly surprised at the performance.

Tarriona "Tank" Ball
Tarriona “Tank” Ball , founder and lead vocalist for Tank and the Bangas.
Tank and the Bangas Detroit
Last Thursday, Travis and I attended the Tank and the Bangas concert at the Majestic.
Tank and the Bangas

I was so excited to see Tank and the Bangas perform live because I love their music. The Green Balloon album has been in steady rotation on my Spotify playlist. The band covered a variety of songs including their hit song (and one of my favorite jams) “Nice Things”.

The New Orleans-based group was founded in 2011 by lead vocalist Tarriona “Tank” Ball. Tank infused her gift of spoken word poetry with her beautiful singing. I was blown away by her singing, you guys!

Tarriona "Tank" Ball
Tank and the Bangas

I’ve listened to Tank and the Bangas music so many times on my Galaxy, but to hear Tank sing in person is truly an experience to hear in person! Her vocals are incredibly strong and just beautiful.

Staying on theme with the band’s Green Balloon album, balloons and clouds were part of the aesthetic style of the show. Clouds hung above the stage and large-sized balloons were positioned on each side of the main stage.

Tank and the Bangas

Wearing a green inflatable costume, Tank’s costume was giving me Missy Elliot vibes. It kind of reminded me Missy’s black, inflatable costume from her “The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)” music video. (If you recall from Missy’s 1997 video, one of the costumes she wore was a black inflated-garbage bag suit that looked like a big balloon.) At the end of the performance, balloons were released into the crowd.


New Orleans hip hop artist Alfred Banks opened for the Bangas. Banks talked some about how his Volkswagen ad campaign, which featured his song “HomeComing”, made a positive impact on his music career. His song “UnderDogCentral” is also featured in the Netflix movie Burning Sands.

According to Banks’ Facebook page, the hip hop artist has an “unapologetic sense of personal style, and can often be seen sporting a fresh pair of sneakers and a scarf tied around his mic.”

Staying true to his style, Alfred Banks was wearing a brand new pair of Nike Air Force Max that he purchased at the Nike Factory in Detroit.

Nike Air Force Max
Banks’ bought a new pair of Nike Air Force Max at the Nike Factory in Detroit.
Nike Air Force Max

Alfred Banks performed a great set, and he even did a meet and greet at his merch table after his show. I chatted with him for a bit and bought one of his CDs– The Beautiful.

You can follow Alfred Banks on his social media accounts at @underdogcentral on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Also, follow Tank and the Bangas on their Instagram and Twitter accounts!

Alfred Banks Hip Hop Artist
After his performance, I got to meet Alfred Banks and talk with him about his music.


All images are courtesy of Good Life Detroit.

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