Fall is here! Here are ten fun fall things I’m looking forward to doing this season. (I’m really excited for number seven!) You can use my fall activities list as inspiration for planning fall things to do with your family and friends!

“The leaves that were green, high over their heads, are now full of yellows and ambers and reds. The seasons have changed; now they want to see what new things they’ll find and what fun Fall can be.”

Jimmy Pickering, quote from the children’s book It’s Fall

Happy first day of fall!

I’ve been looking forward to the fall season for weeks. I even started decorating for Halloween early this year. That’s something I don’t usually do, but I’m so glad I started early because it’s given me a chance to do a little at a time.

I know some people say it’s too early to decorate at the beginning of September. “It’s still summer!” I get it. I used to think that way, too.

But I discovered when you start your holiday/seasonal decorating early, it gives you time to savor the experience. Plus, you’re not rushing to get it all done.

What about you? Have you already started your fall/Halloween decorating?

It does feel like the summer flew by, but don’t we always say that about each new season? Haha!

One thing I will miss about the summer is stopping by an ice cream shop for a cold treat on a hot day. I mean, I’ll probably still get ice cream in the fall, too, but I tend to get ice cream more when the weather is hot.

Just like in the fall, I usually get a craving for apple cider with warm donuts.

10 Fun Fall Things to Do with Your Family | Good Life Detroit
Fall 2020 at Eastern Market, holding baby Zaya


Do you have any fun things planned for the fall? Here are a few fall things I’m looking forward to doing. You can use my list as inspiration for planning fun fall things to do with your family and friends, too!

1. Making our own Halloween costumes (a new family tradition we started during the start of pandemic 2020).

2. Picking apples at an apple orchard. Zhen told me she can’t wait to get apple cider and donuts!

3. More art gallery and museum visits. I’m looking forward to taking the kids to see the Ofrendas exhibit at the Detroit Institute of Arts.

4. Thrifting Fall street styles. This year, I plan to shop at resale shops and thrift stores for the kids’ clothes and my clothes. Saves money!

5. Decorating our house for Halloween. I want to get a couple of life-size skeletons to put on our front porch!

10 Fun Fall Things to Do with Your Family | Good Life Detroit
A fun DIY Tinman Halloween costume I made for Zephaniah (Fall 2020)
10 Fun Fall Things to Do with Your Family | Good Life Detroit

6. Taking the kids to a Harvest Festival. There are so many happening starting this weekend and all throughout October!

7. Seeing the play Hocus Pocus by Shadow Cast at Beacon Park in Downtown Detroit.

8. Reading Gothic fiction books. Last week, I checked out a collection of Edgar Allan Poe’s poems and The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde.

9. Painting pumpkins together. This is another Halloween family tradition we do every fall season. Travis and I get a pumpkin for each child and then we help them paint one side of their pumpkins.

The week of Halloween we turn the painted pumpkins around and then carve them!

10. Taking the kids trick or treating. I love that local churches and organizations host trunk or treating events for families. Some start the events as early as the beginning of October!

We like to take the kids to one or two trunk or treat events in early October, and then on Halloween, we go to a nearby neighborhood for trick or treating.

What are you looking forward to this fall?


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