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Catching Up with Singers Sebastian Olzanski and Wesley Stromberg

This Wednesday (8/15) I’m taking the teens to see music artists Sebastian Olzanski and Wesley Stromberg perform at The Pike Room at The Crofoot in Pontiac, Michigan. Michala is so excited to go to the concert because she’s a big music lover (hello #BTSArmy).

I had the chance to catch up with Sebastian and Wesley to learn more about their music! Check out below my interview with the two singers!


Sebastian Olzanski
Sebastian Olzanski will perform at the Pike Room in Pontian on Wednesday, August 15th. (Photo courtesy Sebastian Olzanski)

Meet Sebastian Olzanski

Born in Argentina, 19-year-old Sebastian Olzanski now lives in Toronto, Canada. If you are a big fan of Justin Beiber and Shawn Mendes, then you will love Sebastian’s music!

Sebastian told me he would describe his music as very diverse. “The style and the last few songs have just been all very different,” Sebastian told me during our phone chat. The diverse songs he speaks of are dance jams like “For You” to love songs like “Nobody But Us”. Sebastian even sings a few songs in Spanish such as “Como Quisiera” and “Seguiré Aquí”.

Michala’s favorite Sebastian Olzanski song is “All Day” because she feels it has a good message. “He says he’ll be there for someone no matter what time of day,” Michala explained to me. “You know, sometimes somebody just wants someone to say that they’ll be there for them whenever they need it and that they have support no matter what.”

Of his song “All Day”, Sebastian said the song doesn’t have to do with anyone specifically. Instead, “All Day” is a song with more of a universal theme. “I put so much time into my music and growing myself as an artist,” he told me. Sebastian said “All Day” is about doing something or being there for someone all day because “I am so motivated to be doing as many things as I can.”

Speaking of being there for others, Sebastian is very involved with his fans. Every Wednesday the singer likes to connect with his fans on his Instagram and Twitter accounts to offer encouraging words and positive vibes.

Sebastian says he tweets a lot about the subject of confidence and self-love. He likes to motivate his fans because mental health care and self-love are very important to him. “I think it’s really important to love yourself before you can love anybody else,” he told me.

“[My fans] really motivate me to keep on growing and keep on pushing…it motivates me and inspires me to keep working hard.”


Wesley Stromberg
Wesley Stromberg performs in Pontiac, MI on Wednesday, August 15th. (Photo courtesy Wesley Stromberg)

Meet Wesley Stromberg

You may recognize Wesley Stromberg from the pop trio Emblem3. Singers Drew Chadwick and brothers Keaton Stromberg and Wesley Stromberg were contestants on the singing show The X Factor USA.

Now Wesley is pursuing his solo music career and he loves it. “It feels pretty free,” Wesley told me during our phone interview. “I get to do whatever I want now. I can write whatever I want however I’m feeling. [I can] express it the way I want to and finish it on time with a team I pick. It’s pretty incredible!”

Wesley said he enjoyed working with his brother Keaton, who also helped produce his music. “But now branching out, working with different producers has really expanded my variety of sound, style, and experience. I love being solo!”

Not only is Wesley a talented singer, he also writes his own songs. He told me sometimes he writes music by himself or he collaborates with another writer. “I’m always part of the writing process,” he said.

Many of Wesley’s songs are inspired by life experiences. He told me he finds inspiration in writing music about a relationship, having a broken heart, partying and having fun, family issues, or traveling.

You’d think with such a busy travel schedule, Wesley would get burnt out from being on the road. Instead, the singer says he feels more at home and grounded when he’s on the road. “I love waking up in a new city,” he said.

To find balance while he’s traveling, Wesley enjoys journaling, reading, and writing.

When I asked him what he hopes fans will take away from his upcoming performance on Wednesday, Wesley said: “I hope that they are inspired.” The singer will be playing new songs from his new album (scheduled to be released later this year). “I hope they leave excited for the album coming out later this year. I just want everyone to be on a good high and be excited about life.”


The Way Up Tour with Sebastian Olzanski and Wesley Stromberg will be on Wednesday, August 15 at the Pike Room at The Crofoot in Pontiac, MI. You can get your tickets here.

Special thanks to Sebastian Olzanski and Wesley Stromberg for taking the time to interview with Good Life Detroit!

Connect with Sebastian on his Instagram @sebtsb and Twitter @sebtsb.

Connect with Wesley Stromberg on Instagram @wesleystromberg and Twitter @wesleystromberg.


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