Detroit Writer B. Van Randall Invites You to Be Part of His Next Comic Book Project

Remember when I wrote a 2-part interview series on Detroit writer B. Van Randall (Van)? Well, he has some exciting news to share with you.

If you’re a comic book lover or have a loved one who is a big fan of comics, then you will love Van’s next creative project.

Van created, wrote, directed, AND produced Therians: The Awakening his graphic novel and motion comic series.

Read my two-part interview series with Van Randall, creator and writer of Therians: The Awakening.

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On Sunday, February 24th, Van had the opportunity to share his latest project at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History. He also shared with the audience his Kick Starter campaign to help with funding for finishing the production of the Therians series.

Van has screened Therians in two other venues:

Therians has been screened at the First Annual BedStuy Film Festival in Brooklyn.

It has also been screened at The Maple Theater in Bloomfield, MI.

Van Randall with his wife Dana and their three children. Dana is the narrator of the motion comic film Therians!
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You can help Van continue creating his Therians story with other comic book fans.


When you pledge a certain amount to Van’s project, you can receive perks such as an autographed copy of Therians: The Awakening (Issue 5), early private access to the new motion comic chapters, your face or likeness in an episode of Therians, and so much more!

No contribution is too big or too small because every amount helps Van and his team continue this amazing story.

“When I first came up with the idea of Therians, it was because I do a lot of studying of history, especially ancient history– the time between Egypt and Greece. And I’m often very intrigued by the stories of Ancient Egypt. And I said to myself, one time looking at a statue of Anubis inside of the museum in Cleveland, Ohio, I said: What if we got it all wrong? What if everything we know about Egypt is completely wrong? And what if the civilization was just something super fantastical?”

~ B. Van Randall in my article “Bringing Therians: The Awakening to Life (Part 2 Interview with B. Van Randall”
Therians: The Awakening by B. Van Randall


“Brought to the Americas during the human trafficking trade, Therians are a unique race of shape-shifting pre-humans, each more powerful than ten men. Governments around the world have forced them underground, secretly monitoring their existence and brainwashing them to have zero consciousness of their true history.

The only hope for their liberation lies within the will of a mute, teenaged Therian boy named Abin Best. But will he choose to take on the responsibility to help his people regain their rightful place as Gods among men?”

From Therians: The Awakening by B. Van Randall


Van is hoping to raise $3,500 to animate chaper 2 of Therians. If Van and his team are able to successfully reach their goal, then they will then raise money to produce chapters 3 – 7 of the series.

Your contribution will help with animation, voice talent, production crew, music, sound engineering, and marketing and promotion of the final project.

To learn more about the campaign and Van’s goals, click HERE to check out his Kick Starter page.


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