Three Tips to Help You Run a Successful Home-based Business

The career world is changing so much these days. Many men and women are starting to accept positions remotely to have more time with family and a flexible schedule.

For business owner Karen Kamenwa, working from home has given her the chance to keep her career and also care for her children all from the comfort of her home.

Karen Kamenwa, Founder of Royal Online Business Solutions

Karen is the founder of Royal Online Business Solutions, a California-based virtual assistant company. Established 10 years ago, Karen’s company provides virtual assistance in customer service support to small business owners.

Starting her online business was a blessing in disguise for Karen. She was originally working outside of the home in the customer service industry. After losing her job, Karen decided to pursue her dream job of owning her own business and also working from home.

Now Karen wants to encourage other working moms who are thinking about working from home. In her new book Stay at Home Moms Making Money: 7 Steps to Starting Your Own Virtual Assistant Business, Karen shares tips on how women can start their own business and work from home.

“Once I became a mom, to me that was a calling on my life,” Karen told me during our phone interview. “I really wanted to be a good mom and I wanted to be present for my kids.”

Stay at Home Moms Making Money: 7 Steps to Starting Your Own Virtual Assistant Business by Karen Kamenwa

Karen believes if you are struggling with the idea of being restricted to the traditional way of working, then establishing a remote business may be the career path for you. For instance, if a virtual assistant company is an option for you, then, Karen’s book can help you learn the steps you need to take to create your own company.

But Stay at Home Moms Making Money is not just a book about the virtual assistance industry. Karen says her book can also help women who are interested in any type of business field. Out of the seven steps she writes about in her book, only one step relates to virtual assistance.

“All the other steps would help one be able to create a business based on their strengths and weaknesses and areas of interest that would help them support and design the lifestyle that they want for themselves and their family,” Karen says.

During our phone conversation, Karen shared with me a few tips on how to successfully manage a home-based business.

Here are three good tips to help you with one that I feel personally works for me as a work at home mom!


1. Set boundaries.

Setting boundaries are important for creating balance with your family and your career. Even though working from home can be convenient for you, it can sometimes become a great distraction from your family life.

It’s important to establish a schedule that fits your family lifestyle and also gives you the opportunity to get your work completed. Whether your schdeuld remains consistently the same every week or each week you work different hours, remember to know when work begins and ends so you have time with your family.

In Karen’s book, she also shares how you can set boundaries in your business. She teaches you how to balance between raising your children and serving your clients.

WAHM CONFESSION: One of my favorite things to do with my kids on a workday? In the middle of my workday, I like to take them out to the playground or go to the park. From the time they wake up until later in the evening, it’s our time. I just think it’s the coolest thing that I have that flexibility.

~ Jennifer, Good Life Detroit
In the Spring and Summertime, we spend a lot of time outdoors and exploring Detroit. Working remotely gives me that flexibility I need and I love it!

2. Know your deadlines.

Knowing your client’s deadline is a must when managing a home-based business. It’s also important to set personal deadlines for yourself. For instance, when writing articles for the blog, I set personal deadlines for when I need my articles to be ready for posting.

Karen says for her, it’s all about communicating with her clients and also scheduling her work week. “For instance, in my case with my virtual assistant business, I’m proactive in finding out my clients’ deadlines,” Karen explained.

“And then I’m able to plan my time around that schedule so if my kids need me for whatever reason, maybe we need to go on a field trip, for instance, and the deadline is in two days, I will need to plan to work in the evenings so that I am able to make the deadline and still go on the field trip.”

Running a home-based business is all about communicating with your clients and knowing the deadlines for projects.

3. Organize your work week.

The second tip leads into our third tip for you: organize your work week. I’ve been working from home for about 2 years now. One thing I have learned to do is structure my work week (Monday – Friday) just like I would if I were going to work outside of my home. As a writer, my schedule varies each week so I create my schedule on a weekly basis.

I have learned the hard way if I don’t take my work seriously and create an effective structure, then I won’t do well with my work. Therefore, I have created set routines for preparing for my work week.

For instance, on Sunday nights, I like to write my weekly schedule so I know what I need to get done for the week. Each morning, I wake up at least 2 hours before my children so I can take care of morning tasks in the home and for my work.

I have created set routines for preparing for my work week.

With the evolving career world, working remotely is giving mothers the opportunity to lead successful careers and still stay home with their children.

Whether you work from home a few days out of the week or you pursue it for a full-time career, you can be very successful at it. It’s all about knowing what works best for you, your family, and your clients.

For more information about Karen Kamenwa and her book Stay at Home Moms Making Money: 7 Steps to Starting Your Own Virtual Assistant Business, please visit her website here.

Special thanks to Karen Kamenwa for taking the time to interview with Good Life Detroit!


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