This morning I saw a tweet from Jeff Bezos praising a McDonald’s burger. “My first job. And still the same great burger. Happy Sunday!” the Amazon Founder tweeted.

I couldn’t help myself and had to share a quoted tweet: “not a real burger.”

Don’t get me wrong– sometimes you will find me in a McDonald’s drive-thru getting a quick meal for the kids or myself. #momlife (And yes, I do love McDonald’s French Fries.)

But the past few months, I’ve been trying really hard to avoid fast food burgers as much as I possibly can. (With the exception of Culvers and Five Guys. They do make good burgers.)

When I need something quick to eat, I try to hit up a coney island or a local restaurant. The food tastes better and I get to support a local business.

So, Jeff’s tweet got me to thinking about the burgers I’ve had this summer at local restaurants.

Admittedly, I’ve only been to a few places because I’ve been so busy with my new job and family life. But these four Detroit area restaurants I think are worth sharing!

I should also add, I’m not a food writer so please excuse my lack of food descriptions.

All I can tell you is the food was GOOD! Damn good. And you should definitely visit these restaurants for a good burger in Detroit, if you haven’t already! You won’t regret it.


The Rolling Stoves

The Rodeo Burger from The Rolling Stoves in Farmington, Michigan

This was my first time trying The Rolling Stoves. It was my first day working at the Downtown Street Eats and Market Fridays events (a Downtown Detroit Partnership and Ask Jennyfer summer event series) and I was excited to try their Rodeo Burger.

Full transparency: I did receive my meal complimentary from The Rolling Stoves (thank you!), but that’s not why I’m sharing my burger review on the blog. This Rodeo Burger really is GOOD!

The Rodeo Burger is the type of cheeseburger where when you take your first bite, you’re not going to want to stop eating it.

The flavors of the sweet BBQ sauce combined with the bacon and onion ring was a delicious surprise for me. I’ve never had a burger like this before and it was DAMN GOOD!

And the menu price lists it as $7.50?! McDonald’s seriously has nothing on the Rodeo Burger.

Just thinking about The Rolling Stoves’ Rodeo Burger is making me hungry!

The Rolling Stoves also has a restaurant location in Farmington, Michigan at 20780 Farmington Road. Visit their website here for more information.

Checker Bar Detroit

Cheeseburger from Checker Bar Detroit in Downtown Detroit, Michigan
Sorry for the blurry picture! I did my best!

Michala and I stopped by Checker Bar Detroit (not to be confused for Checkers the fast-food chain!) after we attended the Motor City Pride festival.

I’ve visited Checker Bar Detroit many times with Travis and friends. It’s a great spot to get a good burger in Detroit, chicken wings, pizza, or drinks with friends (although my drinks are always alcohol-free).

The food’s always good and the prices are very budget friendly.

Something new to me: I had no idea there was an arcade located upstairs! How did I miss this?! Definitely adding Offworld Arcade to my list of “Places to Visit in Detroit.”

Checker Bar Detroit is located at 124 Cadillac Square in Downtown Detroit.

Big Bo’s Grill

Big Bo's Grill in Detroit, Michigan

Here’s another food truck I tried this summer at the Downtown Street Eats in Downtown Detroit: Big Bo’s Grill.

I originally wanted to try Big Bo’s eggrolls, but they were all sold out. I opted for a cheeseburger instead and it was worth the wait!

My photo of my cheeseburger does not do it justice because the burger I got was BIG! I ordered the 1/2-pound Juicy Burger and I remember saying to myself, “Now how am I going to bite into this huge burger!” Haha

It was so big that I was only able to eat half of it for my lunch. I meant to save the other half of my Juicy Burger for my dinner that evening, but I couldn’t wait and ended up finishing it in my minivan.

I’ll definitely be visiting Big Bo’s again so I can try those eggrolls and get another Juicy Burger!

Follow Big Bo’s Grill on Instagram here to see their food truck location days.

Zeff’s Coney Island (Eastern Market)

Bacon Cheeseburger at Zeff's Coney Island in Eastern Market Detroit

I always love stopping by Zeff’s in Eastern Market after I’m done with my shopping at the Saturday Farmer’s Market. The Zeff’s team is friendly, and they remember their regulars.

On this particular day, Zhen wanted a good burger with a milkshake. (That’s pretty much what she always wants when we’re out in Detroit. Burgers and pizza!)

Well, Zeff’s doesn’t make milkshakes, but they do make delicious burgers and cheese steak sandwiches!

When I was outside of the restaurant snapping a photo of my burger, I heard someone yell out, “Dammmmnnn! Where’d you get that burger?!” Haha

Zeff’s Coney Island is located at 2469 Russell Street in Detroit’s Eastern Market. Visit their website here for more information.

Where’s your favorite restaurant to get a good burger in Detroit?

Feature image: The Rolling Stoves (photo credit: Jennifer Hamra, Good Life Detroit)


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Jennifer Hamra

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