Top 4 Thanksgiving Kosher Wine Picks

Looking for the top Thanksgiving kosher wine for this holiday season? Today’s post is a guest post from blogger and wine critic Gabriel Geller. Geller shares his recommendations for Thanksgiving kosher wines which complement a hearty Thanksgiving meal.

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I’ll be honest with you— I’m not ready for Thanksgiving! Ha! I still have SO much to do, like buy the groceries for a Thanksgiving feast! Yikes! I’ll be the mom running around like crazy because I’m really good at saving things for the last minute. 🙂 Good thing I have Travis to help with all of the Thanksgiving prep.

Speaking of Thanksgiving preparation, are you planning on adding wine to your dinner menu?

Today’s post is another food guest post from blogger and wine critic Gabriel Geller. Geller shares his recommendations for Thanksgiving kosher wines which complement a hearty Thanksgiving meal.

These four Thanksgiving kosher wine selections come from Argentina, California, Israel, and Spain!

⦁ Celler de Capçanes Peraj Ha’abib Pinot Noir (Spain)
⦁ Flechas de Los Andes Gran Malbec (Argentina)
⦁ Herzog Variations 4 Cabernet Sauvignon (California)
⦁ Teperberg Essence Chardonnay (Israel)

Want to learn more about kosher wines? Check out this article: Myths and Facts About Kosher Wine.

Thanksgiving Kosher Wine
Geller shares his recommendations for Thanksgiving kosher wines which complement a hearty Thanksgiving meal.


Celler de Capçanes Peraj Ha’abib Pinot Noir, 2015.

From Catalonia’s Capçanes Winery comes a new kosher varietal that’s “not just any wine; it’s a Pinot Noir.” The 2015 vintage brings hints of black cherries, green olives, freshly turned earth, and leather to a medium-bodied, deeply flavorful wine.

While an ideal match for turkey, Geller also suggests pairing this Pinot with lamb. Noting that the people of Catalonia recently voted to secede from Spain, Geller added, “If and when that is enforced, Catalonia will be a new country with its own wine region, not just an appellation of Spain. It should be fascinating to watch this wine evolve over the coming five to ten years.”

Flechas de Los Andes, Gran Malbec, 2015

One of Argentina’s most celebrated Malbecs, this kosher wine is a loving venture between the distinguished Rothschild and Dassault families. It’s more than worthy of both families’ reputation for excellence, says Geller, “a flamboyant New World wine with the class and elegance more often associated with Old World wines.”

Bold and full-bodied, it carries notes of berries, roasted meat, and vanilla. While it’s ready to enjoy now, he predicts that the 2015 will age and evolve beautifully over the next few years.

Serve it at the Thanksgiving table or pair it with a juicy, rare T-bone steak.

Thanksgiving kosher wine
Photo courtesy Royal Wine Corp. Instagram

Herzog Variations 4 Cabernet Sauvignon

Geller reports some good news from California: despite the intense heat wave and devastating wildfires, “Royal Wineries and their suppliers in Sonoma and Napa Counties are still operational, and they are expected to produce lovely wines for years to come.”

One of those wineries, Herzog, produces a Variations series of five high-quality wines, each made to highlight particular characteristics and educate consumers about important factors such as the source of the grapes and the winemaking techniques.

The French Oak and American Oak Variations are the result of one single wine separated into two batches, each aged in a different type of oak barrel for the same amount of time. This showcases the impact of American oak versus French oak on wine.

Variations 3, 4, and 5 grapes each come from a different vineyard within California’s renowned wine areas. These Variations illustrate how fruit grown in specific types of soil and elevations make a difference.

Herzog Variations 4 Cabernet Sauvignon is a medium- to full-bodied wine featuring notes of red cherries, cassis, sweet spices, and vanilla. Geller suggests marrying it with roast beef in a savory mushroom gravy.

Teperberg Essence Chardonnay

The Essence series is one of Teperberg’s higher-end lineups of wines. Grown in prime vineyards located in the Galilee and Judean Hills, these wines are meticulously crafted to reflect their varietal characteristics while retaining the winemaker’s signature.

Geller describes the Essence Chardonnay as “a luscious white wine with notes of baked apples, lemons, and stone fruits with an elegant roasted almond finish.” He enthusiastically recommends pairing it with roasted turkey, oven-baked salmon, asparagus in béchamel sauce, or creamy pumpkin gnocchi.

About Royal Wine/Kedem
Founded in 1848, Royal Wine Corp. has been owned and operated in the United States by the Herzog family, whose winemaking roots go back eight generations to its origin in Czechoslovakia. Today, Royal Wine’s portfolio of domestic and international wines ranges from traditional wine-producing regions of France, Italy, and Spain, as well as Israel, New Zealand, and Argentina.

Additionally, Royal Wine Corp.’s spirit and liqueur portfolio offer some of the most sought-after scotches, bourbons, tequilas, and vodkas as well as hard to find specialty items such as flavored brandies and liqueurs.

The company owns and operates the Kedem Winery in upstate New York, as well as Herzog Wine Cellars in Oxnard, California, a state-of-the-art-facility featuring guided wine tours, a fully staffed modern tasting room, gift shop and catering facilities. Additionally, the winery houses the award-winning restaurant Tierra Sur, serving the finest, Mediterranean-inspired, contemporary Californian Cuisine.

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