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It’s that time of year again. Open Enrollment Period for health insurance is here and will be open until Saturday, December 15, 2018. Are you ready?

For many families and individuals, the Open Enrollment Period can be a stressful time. Many people either do not completely understand the health insurance process and terminology, or they find the fees to put a big dent in their budget. 

According to the American Psychological Association, two-thirds of U.S. adults, at all income levels, cite the cost of health insurance as a stressor for themselves, their loved ones or in general.

My Family’s Experience Transitioning from Military Health Insurance to Civilian Health Insurance

In March 2015, when my husband Travis was transitioning out of the Army, we found ourselves feeling very stressed out about health insurance.

While Travis was serving active duty in the Army, we were on a military health insurance plan.

But once he medically separated from the Army, we had to transition to civilian health insurance. After being on a military insurance plan for over 8 years, we were absolutely clueless as to what to expect from civilian insurance.

We didn’t even know how to apply for health insurance, let alone the common insurance policy terms!

I remember Travis and I taking the time to read through several websites to help us understand how to apply for health insurance and the insurance terminology. We had no idea what a premium, co-payment, or out-of-pocket limit meant.

Sounds pretty scary, right?

Understanding Priority Health Insurance
Before moving to Michigan, Travis served active duty in the Army for 8.5 years. We had grown accustomed to our military health plan that we didn’t know anything about civilian health insurance when he medically separated from the Army.

Feeling Overwhelmed About Health Insurance?

Travis and I weren’t alone in feeling this way about health insurance. Many Americans still today find the insurance process frightening, too. 

The increase in insurance rates and the perplexity of the health insurance process can also lead to consumers making mistakes when selecting an insurance plan.

Sometimes people will even opt out of getting health insurance because the overall process can be so overwhelming.

According to PolicyGenius’ survey of 2,000 American health insurance consumers, 96% of Americans overestimate their understanding of health insurance terms. While only 4% of Americans could actually define all four health insurance terms.

Understanding Health Insurance

Increasing High Insurance Rates Also Another Great Stressor

Unfortunately, when people feel overwhelmed by health insurance choices and information, they may end up choosing the wrong plan for their family.

This can also lead to higher insurance rates. 

In a 2016 study, Benefits Pro found that Americans spend 10% of their income on health insurance. High medical expenses can put a great deal of stress on a family.

In the same PolicyGenius survey, only 39% of respondents are very confident in their ability to choose the right health insurance plan for their needs.

Also, people who use their insurance more often are more confident in their ability to choose a plan that’s right for them.

As we enter the Open Enrollment Period, you may find yourself stressing out about how to apply for health insurance and also understanding the health care and insurance terminology.


There are many resources to help you with the health insurance process, such as Priority Health’s “Health Insurance 101”.

Priority Health Insurance 101 Free downloadable guide
Click this image to get your FREE Health Insurance 101 guide!

Priority Health’s Health Insurance 101 FREE Guide

The Health Insurance 101 guide is a very helpful tool you can use to help you understand important insurance information such as:

  • What is the difference between an HMO and PPO?
  • Which money-saving plan options are right for you?
  • How to calculate the cost of health care
  • How to make the most of your benefits
  • Commonly used health insurance terms you need to know

You can download Priority Health’s Health Insurance 101 FREE guide here for your own personal copy to help you understand health insurance.

It’s very important to research your options for health insurance and the terminology. An October 2017 U.S. Health Insurance Market Report revealed, 75% of consumers do not research their health insurance options. Doing your research will give you the chance to make a smart choice about your health insurance plan. 

Priority Health’s “Health Insurance 101” guide will help you better understand everything you need to know about health insurance. Using their Health Insurance 101 downloadable guide can ultimately help you make the smart decision when enrolling in an insurance plan. 

Priority Health’s Free On-Demand Webinar

In addition to Priority Health’s “Health Insurance 101” guide, they also offer a free webinar you can watch.

The on-demand webinar is short and gives you the option to watch it now or at a later time.

Simply register for the video and Priority Health will email you the link!

In the brief Health Insurance 101 webinar, you will learn the commonly used health insurance terms, how to calculate the cost of health care, and how to buy the best plan and make the most of your benefits.

When we take the time to do our research about health insurance, it can make the process less confusing. You also won’t feel overwhelmed or experience information overload when you have the right tools to help you.

Priority Health’s Health Insurance 101 free downloadable guide and free on-demand webinar will give you the information you need to help you with your insurance needs. 

For more information about the Open Enrollment Period, how to apply for health insurance, and health insurance terminology, visit Priority Health’s official website here or download their Health Insurance 101 guide HERE. 


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