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All the Feels for Valentine’s Day: Cards, Decor, and Gift Ideas

“I know of one duty and that is to love.” — Albert Camus

Have you put up any Valentine decorations in your house or office? We’re definitely feeling the love over here. For the first time, I decided to decorate our home for Valentine’s Day. The kids and I are loving it and it has really filled our house with joy. You should see my house right now. The kitchen is smothered in heart cut-outs and Valentine decorations.

If you’re still on the fence about decorating for Valentine’s Day, then let me encourage you to buy a few decorations and put them up in your home. Now! Valentine’s Day is two weeks away! Eek! And don’t you dare say, “Oh, it’s just another day. What’s the point in decorating?” Because love is beautiful that’s why!


The kids are enjoying creating Valentine’s crafts for Valentine’s Day!


Decorate to Your Heart’s Content!

Buy a few Valentine heart cut-outs from Hobby Lobby (on sale now for only $2.99)  and write love messages on them, or snag this box of 15 vintage Valentine cards from Barnes and Noble (only $10.95) to display on a bulletin board!

When Travis saw the kids and I decorated the house with Valentine hearts and decor, he jumped right in with us and started helping us out. He even scribbled a sweet Valentine’s Day message to me, which instantly made my heart skip a beat. 🙂

He hung the Valentine in our kitchen so now every day I can see his sweet message and it just makes me so happy. See? Love is catching. There’s nothing like showing and telling someone you love them in an artsy way.


Even Travis got into our Valentine’s Day decorating and made this cute Valentine for me.


Bring on the Cheese! Cheesy Love Messages That Is!

Cheesy messages are a must during Valentine’s Day season. You know the ones I’m talking about. The cheesy messages that make you roll your eyes and snicker, “Ohhh! Come one!” LOL!

Valentine’s Day is probably the only time of the year that my husband can get away with being cheesy and telling me his corny #dadjokes. Real talk!


A Valentine for your Boo from TurtlesSoup, only $4.50!


Valentine, we go together like peanut butter and jelly! Love these cheesy food Valentines from Oriental Trading, only $3.29 for a set of 24!


Seriously! How cute is this Darth Vader Valentine’s Day card from AvEHdesigns? It’s only $4.50!


For the cat lover in your life! | LailaMeDesigns, $4.59

But I Don’t Have a Valentine This Year.

Stop it! Sure, you do. Look around you. I guarantee you there is at least one person who would love to receive a Valentine’s card or gift from you. You don’t have to have a Valentine’s date to celebrate love. Show your best friend, mom, dad, sister, brother…heck, even your neighbor…that you care and are thinking about them.

There’s nothing like spreading love to other people who could use some good cheer. We’ve already got enough ridiculousness going on in the world right now. Why not take this season to celebrate LOVE and spread love like wildfire?!


I bought Valentine’s Day-themed arts and crafts for the kids. They are enjoying making crafts for our homeschool. Click the image to find Valentine’s Day crafts for your kiddos!

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Family & Friends

1. Bake a batch of delicious cookies and decorate the treats with sweet Valentine’s Day messages.

We bought two boxes of Pillsbury Valentine’s Funfetti Cake Mix, two cans of frosting, Valentine’s Day-themed cupcake cups and a small container of sprinkles to make cupcakes.


2. Send a 1-800 Flowers Valentine’s Day bouquet with Valentine treats to your mom or aunt.

Owl Always Love You, $29.99 – 39.99 from 1-800 Flowers.


3. Have the kids make cute Valentine’s Garden Pots to give to your neighbor. Oriental Trading is featuring a Garden Pot Craft Kit for $7.99 and the kit makes twelve garden pots!


4. Get an assortment of Valentine’s Day gift bags and fill the bags with yummy treats and cute Valentine cards. You can hand the gift bags out to family and friends!


Melt someone’s heart this Valentine’s Day with a special assortment of sweets in a delightful heart-shaped box. $19.99 – 29.99


5. Make a homemade meal and invite your family, friends, or neighbors over for a Valentine’s Day dinner. Sharing a meal together is one of the top ways to show someone you care.


Valentine’s Day Crafts for the Kids

I was good this year, you guys. I didn’t go overboard on buying Valentine’s Day crafts for my kids, but it sure was tempting to buy every single cute craft I could find. 🙂 I purchased a few crafts from Hobby Lobby and Target. I spaced out the craft projects so the kids have something to create every school day (#homeschoolers). We designate an hour to an hour and a half of art time at least three times a week so the kids can work on their crafts.


Crafty Creations Traditional Valentines Kit, $17.98 – 32.98

Valentine Transportation Kit, $16.99

Color Pops® Color-Your-Own Fabric Hearts, $11.98

Valentine’s Day Card Making Kit, $9.99

Decorate-Your-Own Wooden Heart Box, $6.99

Valentine’s Day Themed Kit Craft, $6.50


Make your own Valentine’s Day card boxes!

Create-your-own Valentine’s Day boxes are another trending craft this Valentine’s Day. I bought the kids a Valentine’s box to store all of their Valentines They can decorate their Valentines box with fun stickers, glitter pens, and stamps. It’s fun for the kids and also keeps my sanity because I don’t have to worry about Valentines being all over the house. They can keep it in one place. #MomWin


Silly Face Valentine’s Day Box Craft Kit, $28.21

Hippo Valentine Card Holder Craft Kit, $12.99

Valentine’s Metal Mailbox DIY Kit, $8.99

Monster Valentine Card Holder Craft Kit, ON SALE $8.47

Valentine’s Day Create Your Own Sprinkle Valentine Mailbox Kit, $5

Valentine’s Day Create Your Own Unicorn Valentine Mailbox Kit, $5


There are so many creative ways  you can celebrate Valentine’s Day. The key is being mindful of your budget and scoring some good deals. Don’t be afraid to use cheesy expressions when creating your Valentines. Valentine’s Day is known for having the silly expressions. It’s what makes the occasion fun!

And if you don’t have a Valentine this year, connect with a family member, close friend, or next-door neighbor. There’s always someone in your life who would love to hear from you and spend a special day with you! Valentine’s Day is about sharing love with everyone, not just a romantic partner!


How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day this season?



Happy Valentine’s Day!





Feature image by Clem Onojeghuo.



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