These boots were made for walking! I snagged me a pair of vintage cowgirl boots at Flamingo Vintage a few weeks ago, and I love them! I bought them at their “First Fridays” event on April 7th.

I was so excited about my new boots, that as soon as I got home from the event, I tried on some of my spring clothes to see how they looked. Haha!

I was really impressed with how cowgirl boots go with everything! They’re also really comfy. I definitely plan on wearing these boots A LOT this summer.

Style: Vintage Cowgirl Boots from Flamingo Vintage in Southwest Detroit, Michigan.
Vintage Style: Vintage Cowgirl Boots from Flamingo Vintage in Detroit, Michigan.


The vintage cowgirl boots are my wildcard for spring and summer style. I’ve never worn cowgirl boots before, so this is stepping outside of my fashion comfort zone!

I may have written about this before, but since turning 40, I have been on a journey to find my personal style.

However, it’s been a little challenging for me because (1) whenever I go to major retail stores, I don’t see any styles that I like; (2) I love fashion, but the constant change of seasonal trends overwhelms me; and (3) I have a particular budget that I’m adhering to…oh what the hell– ya girl is on a tight budget! IYKYK!

So, to stay within my budget, I like to shop at consignment stores, resale shops, thrift stores, and vintage shops. Plus, shopping second hand is more sustainable and good for the community because it’s supporting small businesses!

Plus Size Vintage Style. I'm wearing a thrifted faux leather jacket, vintage dress, and vintage cowgirl boots.
My (new) vintage cowgirl boots are so fun to wear! I’m really glad I stepped out of my comfort zone to try something new.


A few days ago, I came across an Instagram Reel created by fashion content creator Alicia @slaidinfulloffical.

The IG Reel is called “Women over 40 need to stop wearing these 4 UGLY things immediately…”, and the stylist encourages women over 40 to discover their personal style and feel confident wearing whatever they want to wear.

This part really stuck out to me:

“Women our age are grown. Therefore, we wear what we want… Trying on different things helps you discover what you love wearing and helps to develop your personal style.”

Whenever I’m styling an outfit to wear, I think of Alicia’s wise words. This is the mindset I want to have at ALL TIMES on my personal style journey!


I wore my vintage cowgirl boots for the first time to the opening of my friend Blight’s solo art exhibition at Gallery 46 in Downtown Pontiac.

  • Vintage dress: Flamingo Vintage (located in Southwest Detroit): $36 – $40
  • Faux leather jacket: thrifted at Style Encore (located in Shelby Township); I think I paid under $15 for the jacket.
  • Vintage cowgirl boots: Flamingo Vintage, $60
  • Vintage belt: thrifted; You can’t see it very well in the photo, but the belt buckle is from the 90s and made in New Mexico!

Have you ever worn cowgirl/cowboy boots before? Have you bought a “wildcard” clothing item that made you step outside of your fashion comfort zone?


All photographs are courtesy of J. Hamra for Good Life Detroit.

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