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Last Wednesday, I took the teens (Elijah and Michala) to see Wesley Stromberg and Sebastian Olzanski perform at the Way Up Tour in Downtown Pontiac. Michala is a big fan of Wesley and Sebastian’s music so she was really excited to attend the concert. It was actually her first time attending a live concert for singers she likes so this was a pretty big deal for her!

The Way Up Tour kicked off in Metro Detroit on Wednesday, August 15th at The Crofoot. Fans had a chance to get up close and personal with both singers as Wesley and Sebastian took time to interact with their fans while on stage and off of the stage.

In between performances, the singers walked around the venue and talked with fans when they approached them. It was just like hanging out with your best friends who just so happened to be great singers.

Way Up Tour with Wesley Stromberg
Michala was so excited to meet Sebastian Olzanski and Wesley Stromberg last week! (Photo credit: J. Hamra)

On Sebastian’s performance, Michala thought: 

“He’s a really good singer in person and I knew all of the words to his songs, even his covers. I liked that he was very nice to people. He didn’t ignore them. If they would say something, he’d actually say something back and start up a conversation with some of the fans. It was like talking to your friends and basically, just being chill with your friend.”

Sebastian sang covers:

“All Time Low” by Jon Bellion,

“New Rule” by Dua Lipa,

“Mine” by Bazzi,

and a mash-up of a Shawn Mendes song “Lost in Japan” and Sebastian’s “Seguiré Aquí”.

Sebastian also sang a few of his original songs such as “Summer 16” and “Nobody But Us”.

Sebastian Olzanski
Sebastian Olzanski performed at The Crofoot in Pontiac, MI on Wednesday, August 15th. (Photo credit: J. Hamra)
Wesley Stromberg
Wesley Stromberg performed at The Crofoot in Pontiac, MI on Wednesday, August 15th. (Photo credit: J. Hamra)

On Wesley’s performance, Michala thought:

“I really like his vocals live and just the way he sang. I really liked the songs, like Remedy and A Thousand Ways. He was really funny, too. During the concert, somebody has asked him since his new album is coming out it feels like Christmas. And then he started singing the Christmas song The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, and then his DJ Numatik (Wesley’s official tour DJ) played a trap beat. It just made it actually sound like it was an official Wesley song.”

Michala taking photos at the concert. (Photo credit: J. Hamra)

On meeting Sebastian and Wesley:

“I liked how enthusiastic was and how calm Sebastian was. They were both just really nice. It was just really awesome and I couldn’t stop smiling.”

In other words, Michala was in pop star heaven because she got to meet two of her favorite singers!

After the concert was over, Wesley and Sebastian took the time to meet and greet their fans, take pictures with them, and sign autographs. They even held a Q&A for fans. Once it was time to leave, both singers met each fan at the door and took selfies with them and thanked them for coming to the show.

Wesley Stromberg
Wesley Stromberg performing at The Crofoot in Pontiac, MI. (Photo credit: J. Hamra)

My Thoughts on the Way Up Tour:

I loved how Wesley and Sebastian took the time to interact with their fans and talk with as many of them as they could. It’s not every day you get to meet your favorite singer and actually have a conversation with him. The Way Up Tour was a wonderful opportunity for fans to listen to great music and get-to-know Wesley Stromberg and Sebastian Olzanski.

The two young men were even very respectful to the moms who accompanied their daughters to the show. The pair would greet moms with a hug and a “Hey, Mom! How are you doing?”

Call me a sucker for big family love since I’m a mom of five children, but my favorite Wesley song was “Remedy”. The singer-songwriter wrote “Remedy” for his sister who is recovering from an opiate addiction. During the show, Wesley revealed to his fans his great love for his sister and how proud he is of her sobriety. He told the audience his sister is now six months sober.

Way Up Tour with Wesley Stromberg
Wesley Stromberg’s new single “Remedy” is out now! / Photo credit Wesley Stromberg

In a July 2018 interview with Billboard, Wesley said, “I’ve been through so much heartache watching my sister’s spirit destroyed by opiate addiction. But we surrounded her with love as a family to help her recover. The most powerful medicine of all is love.”

I also caught up with Wesley’s mother to chat a little about the Way Up Tour and Wesley’s singing career. For Wesley’s mother Laraine, “Remedy” is a very special song to her because it is personal. She shared with me how the song for her daughter is a chance to raise awareness and build support for the opiate epidemic. Laraine told me she is really hoping “Remedy” will get air-play on the radio stations in the U.S.


The Way Up Tour is still going strong for the next two weeks! Find a location near you by clicking here.

Special thanks to Wesley Stromberg, Sebastian Olzanski, and team for inviting Good Life Detroit to the Way Up Tour!


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Feature image photo credit J. Hamra.

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