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A Sweet Wedding Anniversary Tradition

Do you have an anniversary tradition you like to keep with your spouse or partner?

Travis and I celebrated our wedding anniversary August 3, and I completely forgot to share this memory with you guys a few weeks ago.

Every year, Travis and I like to celebrate our marriage with a special date for just the two of us and then a special day for the whole family. We call it our “Family Wedding Celebration.”

Michala and Elijah at the ceremony.
Elijah said he was so excited to have a dad.
Clarksville, Tennessee County Clerk
One of Travis’ Army buddies joined us for the ceremony, too.
July 2009

Our wedding celebration isn’t just a time to celebrate our union in marriage, but it’s also a time to celebrate when we became a family.

When we got married, it wasn’t just me. Our family included Elijah and Michala because I was a single mother at the time.


I remember our first family dinner celebration we went to a local Mexican restaurant for tacos and margaritas (the grownups only, of course). It was such a sweet time together for the first time as a family.

Detroit blogger
Travis and Elijah sharing a laugh at our family celebration dinner in 2011.

What I remember most about the day is we laughed a lot. We took some pictures together. We enjoyed yummy tacos and Travis and I cheered to becoming newlyweds.

Eight years later and we’re still laughing a lot and enjoying yummy tacos!

Michala at our first family dinner celebration in 2011. She was so little!
I can’t believe she’s 17 now! (The text overlay is also from 2011. Lol)

“We started out as a family of four and then over the years, we added three new people. It just amazes me.”


August 3, 2018 kind of snuck up on us. I still can’t believe it’s been 8 years. Travis and I have grown so much as a couple and individually. We even look different. We’re a little heavier around the waist and we have some gray hair.

Travis is almost completely gray! I often worry if it’s because of me. Ha! He also has this big beard. I never ever thought I’d like him with a beard until we moved to Michigan.

Also, our faces have matured more and we look a little tired. Lol! Five kids will do that to ya!

Midwest family life blogger
Travis, Michala, and Elijah in 2011 only a few months after we got married.


The weekend of our 8th anniversary we decided at the last minute to have dinner at Bert’s Warehouse. It was going to put a little dent in our monthly budget, but we really wanted to celebrate in a special way with the kids.

Before dinner, we took the kids to the new Art Park. Michala loved the art and Instagram-worthy photo scenes. The little ones wanted to just run around, blow bubbles, and work on a puzzle.

After the Art Park, walked next door to Bert’s and ate dinner together outside on the patio. I chose a table in the corner next to the Diana Ross picture. It was surrounded by a small gate, perfect for keeping the boys close because we knew they would try to run off. Those little boogers.

Eastern Market Art Park
The little ones playing at the Eastern Market Art Park.
You can see a rainbow in the photo, too.
Eastern Market
The Art Park is a fun little spot for photos, reading, sipping coffee or tea, just chilling.

DELICIOUS FOOD AT BERT’S (Try the Aretha Franklin World Famous Fried Chicken!)

It was a pretty quiet evening, with the exception of the cars going by the restaurant. We enjoyed good soul food while we talked about whatever came to mind. My favorite kind of food!

Travis and I each ordered the Aretha Franklin World Famous Fried Chicken. (SO GOOD!) Elijah had a bacon burger and Michala had just a burger with no cheese. (She hates cheese on her burgers. I don’t know why.) Zhen, Zechariah, and Zephaniah shared a cheeseburger meal.

wedding anniversary idea
8 Years Later xoxo
Bert's Warehouse Aretha Franklin Fried Chicken
The Aretha Franklin World Famous Fried Chicken dinner meal is really good!
Bert's Warehouse
The boys sitting with Daddy and stealing his food because toddlers never eat their own food. They must always eat off of Mommy and Daddy’s plate. Lol!


And of course, we laughed. Whenever the seven of us are together, we’re always laughing. It starts off with someone telling a funny story. Then someone else chimes in with their relatable story, or they pull out their phone to show off a funny meme (eh hem Travis).

And we laugh some more. Then we tell jokes about each other (all in fun) or something random. We tell stories about something we remembered that happened long ago. Then we laugh about that. We laugh so much we have tears rolling down our cheeks.

Bert's Warehouse Eastern Market
Elijah looking very cool in his new vintage jacket.
Diana Ross Detroit
Michala always on her cellphone.
Bert's Warehouse
Zhen and Zechariah cheesing at Bert’s Warehoused. I think Zechariah tried to run off a hundred times! So glad we were able to sit near the gate so he didn’t go far.


What surprises me most about celebrating our family anniversary is how much our family has grown in the past 8 years. We started out as a family of four and then over the years, we added three new people. It just amazes me.

I hope we’ll always have our family wedding anniversary. Even when the kids are older with families of their own. I hope every year we can all come together and celebrate our family and love. I think that would be such a beautiful thing.

wedding anniversary idea
Happy 8 Years to Us and Our Beautiful Family!!
Detroit blogger
Photo of us on the day we got married. My mom, sister, and nephew were also with us.


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All photographs are courtesy of Jennifer Hamra for Good Life Detroit.

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  1. So cool to see your kids growing up and that you are still happy together! We have something we do on our anniversary as well, we have an anniversary sundial in our window that makes rainbows in the room and it has a special mark on it that the time shadow touches every year at the moment we got married, and we drink a toast when it happens! Many more good years to you all, thanks for telling your story!

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