Today’s blog post is about sharing a few cozy things for winter: binge-watching a classic TV show, having a pajama day, making homemade chili, lighting a sweet Christmas candle, and more! Perfect for cozy winter things to do at home anytime during the season.

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How was your weekend?

After a busy time at the Thanksgiving parade and working on Small Business Saturday, I decided to spend my Sunday focusing on my favorite cozy things for winter.

And wouldn’t you know it, we saw some snow flurries on Sunday, which made for a perfect cozy day at home.

Sadly, I also ended up having a stress headache most of the day. I’m thankful for the day of rest, so I could get some stress relief.


We got our second snowfall on Sunday (the first one was on Halloween).

The snow didn’t stick, but we did have some flurries, and the kids were excited about it.

They kept running to the window to see if the snow would last. They were disappointed to see each snowflake melt as it touched the wet ground.

As I watched the snow flurries, I just thought to myself, I’m so glad I started buying their snow suits and snow boots for the winter season, and I bought the kids’ winter coats in the spring for 75% off! Haha!

So, since my weekend wasn’t very eventful, I thought I’d share a few cozy things for winter from my weekend.


Cozy things for winter

This blog post is about the cozy things for winter I enjoy doing when I’m resting at home.

1. Binge-watching a Classic TV Show

The Sporanos
The Sopranos

One of my favorite cozy winter things to do at home is binge-watch a classic TV show or movie.

I started watching The Sopranos for the first time. Not sure why it took me so long to watch this classic show, especially since I love watching crime dramas.

Right now, I’m on Season 1, and so far, I like it. The acting is really good, and each episode has a deeper hidden meaning.

I laugh every time the characters use a pay phone to make their secret mafia calls. I keep forgetting they didn’t have “burner phones” during that time.

Also, I didn’t know Drea de Matteo was in The Sopranos! (I’m a big Sons of Anarchy fan, too.)

2. A Cozy Pajama Day!

Cozy Things for Winter: Have a Pajama Day

On Saturday, I bought the kids’ their Christmas pajamas at the local thrift store.


The kids were so excited about their new pajamas that they kept cheering and dancing. (My kids are very happy children, so this is normal for them. They cheer and dance about just about everything that makes them happy Lol!)

They couldn’t wait to wear their new cozy jammies, so we ended up having a pajama day on Sunday.

Just stayed in our PJs all day long, which was perfect for me since I wasn’t feeling well.

3. Making Homemade Christmas Pancakes

Every Saturday, Travis makes homemade waffles for the kids. Our waffle maker broke, so instead, he made them homemade Christmas pancakes.

Last year, we bought a holiday pancake mold pan that features a gingerbread person, snowflakes, Santa, and a Christmas tree. The kids love it!

It’s a fun way to make Christmas pancakes without using cookie cutters.

4. This Fresh Pine Wreath That Reminds Me of a Cozy Christmas.

Fresh Pine Wreath for Christmas
fresh pine wreath for the holidays

Have you started your holiday decorating yet?

I wanted to start decorating at the beginning of November, but somehow, it’s now practically December and the only holiday decoration I have up is an evergreen wreath on my front door.

I bought it at the farmers market in Detroit and I’m going to add my own decorations to it.

It was only $10 for a 10-inch wreath. I love it so much!

It has now become my own holiday tradition.

I discovered fresh pine wreathes last year at the farmers market are very affordable. All you have to do is add your own decor to it, which you can easily get at the dollar store or an arts and crafts store.

5. This Cozy Snow Angel Candle with Cute Little Mittens.

snow angel winter candle

Lighting candles is another one of my favorite cozy things for winter.

On Sunday, Travis bought me a Christmas candle that smells just like peppermint!

The candle lid came with these cute little mittens. Once I’ve burned the candle, I’d hate to throw away the mittens. I think I’ll turn them into a Christmas tree ornament!

6. A Lovely Vintage Teacup for Cozy Days

vintage teacup

Also at the thrift store Saturday night, I bought myself a vintage teacup and plate. I broke my one and only vintage teacup a few days ago, so I needed a new one.

I like this teacup because it’s a little bigger than my last one. I don’t have a proper tea set yet, but I hope to have one soon.

If you didn’t already know this about me, I’m a tea drinker. I mean DIE HARD tea drinker!

I drink tea at least three times a day: morning, afternoon, and bedtime. And I only buy my loose-leaf tea from one small business: Intu Tea aka Ms. Mary aka The Tea Lady, who is a Detroit treasure!

My vintage teacup makes me feel a little fancy (haha), and it just makes me happy.

7. Homemade Chili for A Cozy, Snowy Day

Cooking homemade chili for cozy things for winter

Cooking a homemade recipe is a must if you’re looking for cozy things for winter.

I’m happy to say I have perfected my homemade chili recipe!

I don’t measure the seasonings and spices. I cook according to taste.

Do you like to cook that way, too?

I love all of my food very flavorful, so my chili is cooked with many different types of seasonings. I use some fresh herbs and fresh produce, too.

And lots of beans! Black, kidney, and pinto beans.

I like to slow cook my chili, too. I start cooking it first thing in the morning and let it slow cook for the entire day. I love it when my house fills up with the delicious smell of the chili cooking. Omg

Bay Leaves for Homemade Chili
Homemade Chili

This time, I thought I’d try to cook my chili with Guinness. Have you ever added beer to your chili?

The Guinness added to the chili was a different taste, for sure.

Travis loved it. I thought it was okay, but I think I prefer to make it without the stout beer.

However, I do love adding Guinness to my homemade stew (which I’m also cooking later this week). It’s so good!

One day soon, I’ll share my chili and beef stew recipe with you. 🙂

Homemade chili cooked with Guinness beer

What cozy things are you enjoying? Hope you have a good week! xoxo

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