8 Flower and Garden Trends for Spring 2018

Spring arrives in Michigan when it’s ready – but the professionals at Western Market make it official when they reopen the Floral and Garden Center on Saturday, May 5.

The Ferndale-based, independently-owned market expands its focus from fresh fruits and vegetables, craft beer and natural wine, and its noted butcher, deli, and prepared foods to include even more. Throughout the spring and summer months, shoppers flock to the market to find fresh herbs, organic seeds, and plants and flowers sourced all from local greenhouses and growers.

It’s a go-to for anyone looking to find a quick, beautiful bouquet or filling their summer gardening list. Grow vegetables, herbs and flowers from seed, Find the perfect piece of garden yard art or accent your garden with a new planter.


The Western Market Team Love Gardening!

The Floral & Garden Center is owned and operated by Western Market’s Steve Selvaggio. He is an avid gardener at his own home and believes that the key to an inviting landscape comes from a dedication to caring for the plants and flowers each day.

“You have to be disciplined,” he said. “It takes time to water, feed and grows the plants. With just 30 to 45 minutes each day, you can return home to a relaxing environment.”

The Floral & Garden Center is owned and operated by Western Market’s Steve Selvaggio. (Photo courtesy Western Market)

Ron Lester gained more than 40 years of experience in gardening and growing tropical plants. He now puts that knowledge to use as Floral & Garden Center manager at Western Market.

Ron was a shopper at Western Market before he joined the staff in 2014. The Arizona native and Detroit resident said he enjoys “working with plants and flowers and educating people who have never gardened before.”

Regardless of your level of experience, Ron will recommend what might work best for your home, yard – or as a gift for Mother’s Day.

“We typically open early in May,” he said. “It is a good time to start plants inside until the weather warms up.

“Spring is ideal for going over your garden and cutting down any plant debris to make way for living plants that will return, as well as new plants and flowers you plan to add. Remember that some we think of for fall, like mums, are hearty enough to return – if you leave a stem rooted in place,” Ron said.


Flower and Plant Trends for Spring 2018

1. Marigolds – to keep pests away.

2. Herbs like lavender, rosemary, and basil, can be grown outdoors to help keep mosquitos at bay, naturally.

3. Use herbs for cooking, too. Basil or strawberries can be frozen into ice cube trays and kept in a freezer for year-round use.

4. Ron also suggests lavender because it is drought-proof and Lemon thyme to make a beautiful ground cover.

5. Heirloom tomatoes if you like to grow organic plants. Western Market now offers 60 varieties of Certified Organic vegetable, fruit, herb and flower seeds from High Mowing Seeds, for those who prefer to start their own plants.

Maybe a tomato sandwich will bring back summer? #hothouseheirloomtomatoes

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6. Fresh-cut flowers, hanging potted flowers, and herbs – to grow indoors. Steve has noticed a trend toward shoppers who seek out less time-consuming landscape options like these. on hand-picks all of the cut flowers the market sells, choosing them several times per week to ensure freshness and long-lasting beauty. “I have done formal English gardens, ponds, and landscaping all over the country,” he added.

7. Succulents and flower bouquets –  for a thoughtful gift for a friend or a loved one. Western Market can also help you find the perfect succulent or help you assemble a beautiful flower arrangement.

8. Yellow daffodils, colorful tulips, or bright Gerbera daisies – perfect for a spring pick-me-up or a Mother’s Day gift


Ron is sure to stock some interesting and hard-to-find blooms like Pincushion Protea, Birds of Paradise and even small bonsai trees to appeal to a wide-ranging audience. “I look for unusual flowers,” he admits, “which makes your mix-and-match bouquet even more personal.”

Western Market's Floral & Garden Center
Western Market’s Floral & Garden Center opens May 5, 2018! (Photo courtesy Western Market)

The Floral & Garden Center also offers hand-chosen, high-quality terracotta and ceramic pottery for decorative home accents. “Over the past few years,” Steve said, “more and more customers are looking to add decorative pottery to their garden or landscape.”


Western Market’s Floral & Garden Center opens on Saturday, May 5th. Visit their website here if you’d like to learn more about the store.



Special thanks to Western Market and Stephanie Casola for contributing to Good Life Detroit and sharing these helpful spring gardening trends!

All images are courtesy of Western Market.


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