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How Gospel Recording Artist Tasha Page-Lockhart Inspired My Entrepreneurial Journey

Today’s post is a guest contribution from Angel Livas, Founder & Board Chair for The Woman Behind the Business. Angel shares her experience at The Woman Behind the Business Bahamas Retreat where gospel recording artist Tasha Page-Lockhart performed and also shared her personal life journey with other female entrepreneurs.   


A “Different” Retreat For Women Entrepreneurs

While driving home from work late one evening, I heard this amazing voice singing, “I’m human, I’m gon’ make mistakes. If and when I do please show me some grace.” I wasn’t quite sure whose voice was protruding through my speakers, but her story felt familiar.

With each verse, her words resonated more and more, and I knew she would be perfect. I did a little investigating– well, googling– and learned that the song was by none other than Tasha Page-Lockhart.

Now, while I am a Detroit native, I have lived in the Washington, DC area since leaving for college back in 2000. So I called my cousin, Ronald Todd, Jr. – a minister in the city of Detroit, to inquire if he was familiar with her. To my surprise, they went to high school together and he was able to connect me quite quickly!


Women Behind the Business
Board of directors members of The Woman Behind Business: Alexandra Morton, Angel Livas, and Ashley Queen-Monterio | Photo courtesy Disha Fraser


The Woman Behind the Business

Fast forward a few weeks ago and I’m sharing the stage with Tasha Page-Lockhart, in Nassau, Bahamas, during the closing ceremony of the first annual “Woman Behind The Business Retreat”.

The Woman Behind The Business (WBB) is a nonprofit designed to assist women entrepreneurs to build national and international business relationships to expand their brand, network, and net worth.

This was Tasha’s first visit to the Bahamas; therefore, furthering the significance of her joining nearly fifty women entrepreneurs from both the United States and the Bahamas.

The First Lady of the Bahamas, Mrs. Patricia Minnis, set the tone for the weekend when she delivered the welcome address to an audience of attendees dressed in all white. The mission of “The Woman Behind The Business” is to provide women “Strength, Strategy, and Success: A Toolkit For Sustainability.”


The Woman Behind the Business Retreat | Photo courtesy Disha Fraser


Women Behind the Business
The mission of “The Woman Behind The Business” is to provide women “Strength, Strategy, and Success: A Toolkit For Sustainability.” | Photo courtesy Disha Fraser


“We have to learn to forgive more, control less and trust God completely.”


Unapologetically Honest

One of the overarching themes for the retreat revolved around attendees having a safe space to be unapologetically honest about who they are and their journey to success. Tasha agreed to be unapologetically honest, just as she was in her book And The Winner Is Tasha Page-Lockhart Unplugged.

It’s rare to find platforms where one can learn from the valleys of others, especially those in the public eye. It’s easy for the everyday person to sometimes forget that even celebrities are “human”.

During a candid conversation between myself, the founder of The Woman Behind The Business, and Tasha Page-Lockhart, Tasha shared her circular journey from growing up in the church to being raped and molested by a family member to turning to drugs and alcohol to deal with the pain.

But, God.


Tasha Page-Lockhart performing at The Woman Behind the Business Retreat in the Bahamas. | Photo courtesy Disha Fraser



The Journey to Forgiveness

Today, Tasha is a Stellar Award-winning gospel artist with a new album called “The Beautiful Project”. She graced attendees with her hit single “I Got Joy” before acknowledging her mother, gospel recording artist Lisa Page-Brooks. Mrs. Page-Brooks, took to the stage to share her anointed voice before welcoming her daughter back to close out the retreat with the song that captured my attention in the first place— “Different”.

The journey to forgiveness is what captivated me most about this song. As women entrepreneurs, we can be pretty relentless when it comes to the expectations we put on ourselves and others. We have to learn to forgive more, control less and trust God completely.

When we do, I think we’ll all walk away feeling a little different.


The Woman Behind the Business Retreat | Photo courtesy Disha Fraser




Feature image: courtesy of Disha Fraser

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Special thanks to Angel Livas for writing a contributing piece for Good Life Detroit!

Angel Livas is a Gracie Award-Winning Executive Producer, a Multi-Media Personality, the President, and CEO of DC Media Connection, LLC, the Chief Engagement Officer / CEO of Creative Introduction, LLC and the Founder of The Woman Behind The Business.



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