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Youmacon 2016: Detroit’s Largest Anime Convention

Travis and I were out in Downtown Detroit on a day-date. We didn’t have a planned destination. We just knew we wanted to go downtown for coffee and do some street photography. As Travis was driving down Jefferson Ave., we spotted a few people dressed in costumes walking down the street.

As I looked around, I noticed there were actually a large number of people wearing costumes. Okay, so one or two people in costume, you laugh it off and shake your head because you know that’s just city life for ya! But when you see large numbers of people in costume, you know something’s gotta be up.


War Machine
War Machine, from Iron Man


Detroit Youmacon 2016

What was up? The 2016 Youmacon convention was up. And I had completely forgotten about it! Ugh! I had wanted to purchase tickets to the event so Travis and Elijah (our 16-year-old son) could attend the event. Randomly stumbling upon the event was perfect for street photography, though, and I didn’t want to pass up my chance to capture a few photos.

So we parked at the Cobo Center garage and headed into the lobby to check things out. We were amazed at the detailed costumes we found. Many people had taken a great time to work on their costumes. I’m not much of an anime fan, but I was very impressed!


Youmacon 2016
Sub Zero and Scorpion from the popular video game Mortal Kombat. MK was one of my favorite video games to play when I was younger.


Lulu from League of Legends and Dark Magician Girl from Yugioh

Youmacon Celebrates Japanese Pop Culture

So what is Youmacon? Well, have you heard of Comic Cons? It is very similar, only Youmacon celebrates “Japanese popular culture and its influence on our own culture over the past few decades” (Official Youmcaon Website). Youmacon is Detroit’s first anime convention. According to Youmacon’s official website, 19,000 people attended Youmacon in 2015.

Youmacon is a 4-day event which includes Cos Play (wearing costumes of favorite anime, comic book, gaming characters), anime, gaming, and more. The event was held November 3rd through the 6th. Travis and I did not actually attend the convention festivities. We just walked around the Cobo Center lobby and Downtown Detroit taking photographs of the Youmacon attendees. Next year, though, I will definitely prepare in advance to attend this event!


Azog, from The Hobbit


Youmacon 2016
Detroit’s Youmacon Convention is held every year.


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  1. I’ve never been to a convention where people dress up in costumes but I would totally go if I had the chance! Truthfully, that’s the reason why I love Halloween so much — but I guess I don’t really have to wait till that time once a year! These conventions happen all the time it looks like!

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