6 Questions with Zuri Tibby, Victoria’s Secret PINK Spokesmodel


Yesterday, Michala (15) and I went to The M Den in Downtown Ann Arbor to check out their new University of Michigan branded gear for women. U-M and Victoria’s Secret PINK partnered together to create a new PINK collegiate brand exclusively for U-M!

It’s really cool because the new collection features a variety of clothing options such as bralettes, leggings, sweats, and tees. My favorite is this U-M tank (see photo below). 

“Victoria’s Secret PINK is a spirited lifestyle brand dedicated to the independent collegiate girl. Sometimes cheeky, always fun and absolutely comfy, the range includes hoodies, tees, tanks, sweats, bras, panties, yoga, swimwear, accessories, beauty and more, all designed for the girls who lives and loves PINK.”


I remember when I was in college and graduate school, I wore Victoria’s Secret PINK clothing all of the time. I had two PINK sweatsuits that were my favorites. They were so comfy and cute to wear to class. I still think PINK is a fun clothing brand to wear. They always have the cutest themes every season.

Meeting a Supermodel (Michala’s Favorite Part)

We also got to meet Zuri Tibby, Victoria’s Secret PINK spokesmodel. She was very friendly and so much fun to talk to. Michala was so excited to meet a real supermodel. She even asked Zuri how she became a model and if she had any tips for starting a modeling career.

Zuri was very sweet in answering Michala’s questions. Michala said she was so amazed how cool Zuri was about talking to her. I’m really happy Michala had such a positive experience with meeting Zuri. It was a very inspiring moment for Michala.


Zuri Tibby is the first African American spokesmodel for Victoria’s Secret PINK. Originally from West Palm Beach, Florida, Tibby was discovered at the age of 15 at a shopping mall. She also appeared in the PINK segment of the Victoria Secret’s Fashion Show 2016!

Check out our interview with Zuri Tibby!

Good Life Detroit (GLD): With the holidays approaching, do you have a favorite tradition you like to do with your family?

Zuri Tibby (ZT): My favorite family holiday tradition would just be like watching movies– Christmas movies– [and] my grandma’s jerk chicken that she makes is so good. And also, just visiting home is really nice because I don’t get to do it that often with work and travel.

GLD: What was it like modeling in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016?

ZT: The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was like a dream for me because it was something that I always wanted to do, and it felt like the highlight of my career. It went by so fast; everything was so insane and larger than life…the performers…the angels…and I was just really happy to be a part of all of it.

Zuri Tibby The M Den

GLD: What are your fall beauty essentials?

ZT: My fall beauty essentials would definitely be a lot of moisturizer because in the Fall months my skin tends to get a little more dry. I like face masks, eye masks, hair masks, everything!

GLD: Do you have any brands you would recommend?

ZT: I would just use coconut oil. It’s really versatile. You can use it remove makeup. You can put it in your hair. You can put it on your body. It works for everything and it’s really affordable, too.

GLD: What are your favorite fall fashion trends right now?

ZT: My favorite fall fashion trends would have to be…I really like hats, beanies, over-sized jackets, over-the-knee boots, and leather.

GLD: What is your favorite style from the PINK collection?

ZT: My favorite style from the PINK collection has to be the date bra because it has really really cool detail: lace detail, floral patterns, and the racerback is really cool to show through a tank or a tee.

GLD: In September 2016, in an interview with Essence magazine, you said: “When young girls look at magazines and advertisements, it’s important to see girls that look like them.” Why do you think this is important?

ZT: I think that’s important because it’s really important to include everyone, and in the fashion industry, it’s really changing. I’m seeing a lot of different diversity, especially Victoria’s Secret and that’s great.

Zuri Tibby the M Den

Zuri Tibby The M Den


Special thanks to Zuri Tibby for taking the time to meet with Good Life Detroit and answer our questions! 

And make sure you go to The M Den to check out the new University of Michigan PINK collection! You’re going to love it!


xoxo Jennifer

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